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“The results speak for themselves. Within two months I was getting at least three new customers every week! When you do the customer lifetime value calculation, it means nearly twenty thousand a year more income – and that’s growing every week!”

-Erin Shea, Lumen Salon


“I just checked our Google search ranking – we’re still No. 1 for our two primary local keywords. Mighty Alpha has consistently brought customers to our business for the last four years. Great results!”

-Jane Licht, Rocking L Acres


“Working with Mighty Alpha has been great. They create the strategy, manage the campaigns, bring the customers and grow my profits. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

-Ramon Dale, The Builder

Sales Funnels That Work

Custom Sales Funnels

A successful sales funnel will have a huge impact on your business. It will help grow your customer list. It will improve your conversion rates with persuasive and easy buying opportunities. It will automate systems that work for you while you sleep.

But here’s the thing. It’s hard work. There’s a lot to do if you want to get a sales funnel working well. Fortunately, we’re really good at direct response copywriting and can do most of the heavy lifting for you. We’ll work with you to design and build a mighty sales funnel that drives qualified traffic into the top of your sales funnel, provides real value to customers so they’ll want to give you money and gives you more time in your day through automation.

Data-Driven Advertising That Brings Qualified Traffic

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising (Facebook, Google AdWords, Bing Ads) are an essential component of a sales funnel strategy. It used to be easy to just open an AdWords or Facebook Adds account, choose a few keywords, set a daily budget and watch the money roll in.

Alas, those days are no more. It’s competitive out there. Fortunately we use leading tools and techniques that allow us to be incredibly targeted and methodical, which means you can find just the right customers and provide great value to people who want exactly what you’re offering. This means more predictable profits for you.

Hand-crafted Content That Gets People Buying

Persuasive Copywriting

The key to high quality content and direct response copywriting is writing in a way that attracts people to your offer and smoothly moves them through a well-oiled sales funnel is an art and a science.

Good copywriting comes together after we complete a simple but effective process. First, we delve deeply into the customer’s life. We unearth their pains, their aspirations and their jobs to be done. We get in the zone. We become one with the customer. Next, we roll up our sleeves to write content and sales copy that speaks to your customer. It resonates with their situation. It tells your story, starts a relationship, creates new possibilities.

Of course, we track and measure how well the words are working. How are your visitors responding to your message? We watch and listen, then we tweak and adjust. We test and learn so we can optimize your offer and maximize your sales.

Finding the Gold That’s in Your Customer Relationship

Email Marketing

All of the real profit you’ll create for your business will come from the relationship you have with people who have joined your list. One of the highest priorities of any digital marketing strategy is to grow an email list of attracted and engaged customers and prospects.

A good email marketing strategy will make sure you are positioned to capture new leads and contacts at every opportunity in your marketing activities.

Once your list is underway we’ll slice and dice your contacts by their profile data, campaign interactions, activity on your website, interests, social data, and much more. Using customer segments we’ll be able to send newsletters, design effective email campaigns, and keep in touch with your contacts and customers.

With savvy email marketing you’ll soon be growing relationships and increasing profits.

Meticulous Attention to Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research, competition analysis, on-site optimization, search-friendly content, and link building. Maybe you’ve heard of these things. Maybe you’ve tried some of them. Maybe it’s plain gobbledegook. No matter where you’re at in your digital journey, you should probably be doing Search Engine Optimization.

But here’s the thing. It’s a long game. It’s highly technical, it’s always changing. There are lots of ways SEO can boost your business and there are ways it can throw curve balls that can ruin your entire strategy. Fortunately, we’re really good at SEO. We use safe White Hat techniques to increase your web traffic, increase conversions and ultimately increase your profits.

Always Improving, Always Growing

Conversion Rate Optimization

Driving qualified traffic to your site is not enough. To make money you’ve got to convert your visitors into customers.

Now that you can measure the traffic that’s coming to your site, you’ve got to find the sweet spot between adverting spend and product sales. When you do this right it can be the biggest revenue boost you’ve ever had.

Maximizing conversion takes time. But with a conversion rate optimization process that refines your offering and adapts to your visitors needs we can build even more improvement into any sales funnel. Using qualitative and quantitative research and smart analytics we can test and learn what works. Ongoing experiments using the scientific method let us test different copywriting, landing pages and product offerings to boost revenue per visitor.

Whether it’s improving signups to your email list, increasing downloads for that resource you’ve created, getting more people to your webinar, buying more products, or just getting that phone ringing, we’ll help you get more leads to take action.

Savvy Strategy That Works for Your Business

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy is complex. It’s changing faster that you can imagine. It’s technical. It’s essential. And, it can open new opportunities that you’ve never thought of. At Mighty Alpha, we live and breathe digital. We believe it’s a vital piece of any business. We can help you navigate the digital landscape and develop a winning strategy that will increase your capabilities and your profits.

We advocate the 80/20 principle when developing strategy – digital or otherwise. The 80/20 principle is simple:

80% of results come from 20% of effort

20% of your clients provide 80% of your revenue

20% of your products give 80% of your profits

20% of your people do 80% of the work

This principle shows up in all facets of business and life. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a law firm, a contractor, or dentist the principle applies. In the digital realm, we find companies not spending enough time on the vital 20% of their key customers and products and spending too much time on the less important 80%.

Once you know who your top 20% are, you can begin to understand what drives your profit and where the inefficiencies are in your business. From there we can build digital strategies to focus and optimize for the top 20%. The results will be impressive!

Let’s Build a Growth Engine For Your Business

We’re not a fit for everyone. And we only take on a few clients at a time. We’d rather spend our energy making sure we get our clients to the next level in their business.

If you’ve been doing fine with your business but you think you could take it higher with a customized growth playbook, we should talk.

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